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Side Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

Side Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes

Have you ever heard or even tried an electronic cigarette? Yes…. Electronic cigarette users are now more and more and that is certainly good news for people who are often disrupted by cigarette smoke. Using electronic cigarettes provide more advantages when compared to analog using tobacco smoke. You will avoid the risk of cancer, lung disease, emphysema, stroke, heart disease, impotence and others. Also electronic cigarette does not release fumes that can damage the other people’s health, does not remove dust that can contaminate the ground, and without undue risk of fire. By having many advantages it is natural if the cigarette addicts who cannot get rid of bad habits and then switched to smoke by using an electronic cigarette.

One of the reasons people switch from analog cigarettes into electronic cigarette is to reduce the adverse effects caused by tobacco. Well, what about the electronic cigarette, does electronic cigarette also have side effects that are harmful to human health? As you might know that the electronic cigarette contains no tobacco but you can use nicotine if you want. Nicotine does not cause cancer but it gives a calming effect. Until now, e cigarettes side effects caused are headache, sore throat, dry mouth and it happens to novice smokers. Once they are accustomed to using electronic cigarettes, the effects become lost on their own.

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