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Home Treatment – Dead Sea Salt

Home Treatment – Dead Sea Salt

Well I must be honest with you, Dead Sea salts really amount to no more than a pleasant bath additive. In my opinion, any salt including Epson’s salt will do the same thing. I think it helps to soak in salt but I see no reason to pay higher prices just because it came from the Dead Sea. Note when using salt as a bath additive, be careful of skin cracks and fishers as the salt will sting and could worsen your psoriasis. The treatment at the Dead Sea includes soaking in the sea but it is the ultraviolet light, climatotherapy, that provides most of the clearing. The National Psoriasis Foundation has recently published, in their July 99 Psoriasis Resource report, information on Dead Sea treatment. This publication is informative and the source is from within the National Psoriasis Foundation buy board members who recently visited the Dead Sea and the clinics located there.

I am sorry that I am not qualified to recommend “home treatment” options for your psoriasis. I, like yourself, have psoriasis and although I have tried many different treatments I could not say that what worked or didn’t work for me would help you. It is perhaps the fact that treatments that work for one person won’t always help someone else or it helps for a while but then loses it’s effectiveness that makes finding a the right treatment so difficult. I have offered information about the Dead Sea because it has always helped me, as well as 98% of those I have met at the Dead Sea. It is certainly not the only treatment option. In fact, it would rate as one of the least utilized treatments among those available snail farm donde comprar. Particularly in the United States. Again, I don’t want to try to make any recommendation, particularly here. I would however, think that if you have medium coverage and discomfort, you have other and more cost efficient treatment options than Dead Sea treatment.

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